Use Zero Down Pressure

Many snow removal blades work by using heavy downward pressure to scrape the surface. This is undesirable for several reasons. First, it creates a slippery surface for drivers because the pressure of the blade on the snow creates friction which melts the snow and ice, and then it freezes with a smooth surface. We refer to this as the Zamboni effect. The other and quite obvious reason; down pressure wears the blade out faster.  Downward pressure not only shortens the wear life of the blade, but also creates more wear on your machine.

Beyond saving you money on replacement blades, snow removal cutting edges for graders that use zero down pressure have several positive effects.

1. Easier to Work With

Less wear means less changing of snow removal blades! Operators won't have to take the time to change blades near as often. Not only do you have to handle the cutting edges less often, when you do, they won't be too hot. You can touch the blade right after it has been running for 5 miles because it is still cool to the touch. Removing the friction from down pressure makes it that much easier for operators to change out grader blades without having to wait for them to cool. 

2. Better Road Traction

We mentioned the Zamboni scenario earlier. But imagine what it would be like to have roads that actually helped prevent accidents. If you try snow removal blades that require zero down pressure, ones that are actually cutting through the snow, you will have roads with better traction AND less wear on your machinery. 

3. Maintains Road Quality

Downward pressure from a blade can severely damage the asphalt of your roads. This leads to more maintenance work later in the year. If you have snow removal cutting edges for graders like the Sharq Edges Cutting System, they actually cut grooves into the snow and ice without downward pressure, maintaining both traction and the integrity of the road surface underneath. 

4. Cleans Rather Than Packs the Road Surface

Cutting edges for graders like the Sharq Edges System cut through the ice and packed snow. If snow cannot be removed from the surface, these blades etch grooves into the surface of the snow while moving excess materials off the roadway. Traditional snow removal blades tend to only take the excess snow off the roadway while packing and glazing the surface even more.

Investing in Sharq Blades instead of traditional cutting edges for graders is the one thing that can truly help prevent the constant cycle of worn out blades. But don't take our word for it. See Sharq blades in action below. You won't believe the cutting power of this blade.