We don't believe in carrying low quality parts that are going to shatter on you within your first couple weeks of use. When it comes to grading bit systems, we keep a large quantity of only the highest quality boards and carbide bits.  We have Cat style, Kennametal style, Sandvik style, and Universal asphalt zippers.  

These scarifier systems are most commonly used on motor grader moldboards, but are also commonly used for groomers. If you are interested in hearing more about our carbide bit systems, give us a call and we can give you a rundown on all of our bits and boards!

Scarifier Bits and Board


Looking for more than just bits and boards? We keep our warehouse stocked with a large inventory of grader blades, snow plow blades, and many heavy equipment wear parts.

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Tear Through Material Like a Bit Board System With These Replacement Blades

Bit board systems are outstanding at tearing through your road material to dig out pesky potholes, washboards, and wheel ruts, but some operators don't like how aggressive these systems are. They make for a rougher ride causing you to be uncomfortable and putting more wear on your machine. They also force your grader to consume a couple gallons more fuel an hour.

So, if you are looking for a blade that runs a little smoother and still digs deep enough to fix your roads, we carry a specialized blade just for this. The Sharq P-300 is thinner and stronger than average wear steel. It's thin design and serrated edge allows the blade to dig under the surface with very little down pressure.