Snow Plowing conditions are always stressful in one way or another.  The following winter conditions are usually present, depending on what Mother Nature is sending.  

Different temperatures play a role:

Snow at 32 degrees with no wind                    Snow at 32 degrees with high winds

Snow with Extreme cold                                  Snow with extreme cold and wind

Different type of snow conditions:

Wet heavy snow               Dry light snow          Blowing snow     

Drifting snow                     Snow pack               Ice and snow pack

Freezing rain with black ice

Different surface conditions:

Frozen black top               Thawed black top           Frozen cement

Thawed cement                 Wheel ruts                     Poor quality holes & obstacles

Different types of chip seal

The above road conditions spell STRESSFUL  driving not only for road operators, but everyone on the road.  Anything can happen in these conditions.  Snow plow operators know all to well what these conditions are like.  The operators are dedicated un-sung hero's that take on the stressful road conditions, no matter what the scenario is.  

On occasion the the operators can decide what type of blade they run, but not all of the time.  The decision makers can be Engineers, Superintendents, Road Supervisors, Mechanics, Procurement staff, and Operators.  When it comes to buying blades hopefully the "low bid" mentality is not the #1 priority. 

The snow plow blades are an important part of getting the job done! 

What is currently considered when an entity buys snow plow blades?

Buy the snow plow blade that lasts the longest (is it a wear life contest)?

Buy the cheapest blades you can?  Then double them up (double the cost) or cover them to protect them to try to make them last longer?  This tactic ultimately causes them to be less effective when it comes to cutting, but it may extend the wear life. 

Buy the least expensive blade (get the lowest bid)?

Buy snow plow blades that you have used for years?  They work, why change?

Bit Boards were purchased and the investment is so high you can't justify using anything else?

Whatever method was used in the past is what it is.  In the future it is important to put considerable thought into what type of snow plow blades to buy.  The battle of keeping roads clear and the public safe is an ongoing challenge.

Consider the following:

A snow plow blade that cleans better

A snow plow blade that cuts better

A snow plow blade that wears excellent with carbide

A snow plow blade that has forgiveness

A snow plow blade that has less impact and vibration

A snow plow blade that runs quiet

Ultimately a snow plow blade that is affordable