What are ground engaging tools?  

Ground Engaging Tools, also known as GET, are the wear parts that come into direct contact with the material a piece of heavy equipment is manipulating. Regardless if you are running a bulldozer, skid loader, excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, snow plow, scraper, etc. your machine should be equipped with ground engaging tools to protect the machine from unnecessary wear and possible damage to the bucket or moldboard. Having the right ground engaging tools for your application can result in many benefits such as fuel savings, less stress on the overall machine, reduced down time, and reduced maintenance costs.  

What are some examples of ground engaging tools?

There are many types of ground engaging tools that are used for different applications.  Cutting edges, end bits, ripper shanks, ripper teeth, teeth, carbide bits, adapters, even plow bolts and nuts are ground engaging tools.  No matter what machine you are using or application you are working with, there is a ground engaging tool to protect your machine.
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